Dr. A. P. Tyagi

Dr. AP. Tyagi is connected with Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan (JSS) in Rewa region. He has been associated with the Jaypee Group for the last 25 years. He has given his meritorious services as the principal in various institutions of the group. All the institutions flourished by leaps and bounds under his able guidance and leadership. He is the most experienced, efficient and dedicated principal of the Jaypee Group.

He leaves no stone unturned for the physical, mental, emotional psychological and intellectual development of the students. He strongly believes in the all round development of the personality of the students. He not only motivates but endeavors to provide ample opportunities for the harmonious development of all students. He is very well aware of his responsibility towards, the society. Accordingly to him educational institutions must share the responsibility of inculcating the habit of living together among the young generation. There will be peace and harmony in the society if we learn to tolerate and respect each other. Learning to live harmoniously is the survival blue print for tomorrow. He is a true friend, philosopher, guide, mentor and torch- bearer for the school fraternity. We shall keep excelling in the light of his wisdom.

Having core values of integrity, positive outlook, adaptability, dedication & commitment, he possesses diversified experience together with expertise in Educational Management, Training, Facility Management, Infrastructure & Organization Development, Human Resource Management, Performance Appraisal, Evaluation and Welfare.

He is endowed with excellent and strong analytical skills, problem solving abilities, good verbal and written communication skills. He is currently engaged in ensuring that all the institutions under the flag of JSS in Rewa region follow a set of uniform procedures and achieve academic excellence together with all-round development. A competitive environment has resulted in all the academic institutions of Rewa region under umbrella of JSS, due to his persistent efforts, which is a healthy sign of progress and development in the field of education.